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Data and control cables

Especially in mechanical and plant engineering and construction as well as in harnesses, our control cables are used. All kind of designs are available. Using only selected materials (PVC, PUR, TPE, PTFE non-halogenated compound / FRNC etc.) we confect control cables for all thermal and mechanical stresses.

Shielded control cables
Shielded control cables are required where electrical interference or mechanical factors can influence the signal transmission. A basic distinction is drawn between a mechanical and an electrical shielding.

Control cables - mechanical shields
Mechanical shields defend the cables from external influences (steel meshwork, tinned or nickel plated). Cover about 65%.

Control cables - Electric shields
Electrical shields defend the cables from electrical or electromagnetic interference from outside. The efficiency of the shielding and the surface transfer impedance depends on the denseness of the shield and of its construction as a meshwork or rope (swirl) shield. Cover about 85%.

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